Huckins Farm – Bedford, MA

About this Website

In 1998, I created the website, to share my home with friends. Huckins Farm friends and neighbors also enjoyed the ability to share their home and beautiful setting with friends and family far and wide. There was a small but growing web presence in those days, and our first two management companies had no community websites back then. In addition to showcasing the land and our amenities, some residents have used the website to advertise their homes for sale. Lots of interest in our community has been generated; perhaps you yourself found the community (or your house) through the site.

As time went on, in the early 2000's, Trustees and other homeowners requested that more information about the community be posted for homeowners’ access. I created a non-public “Members Only” portal including archived minutes and newsletters, contact lists, and other frequently requested condominium related documents. Presently, our current management company hosts a site for the Huckins Farm which contains official documents of the Association, so at the request of the current Board of Trustees, the portal once available here has been discontinued. has been a labor of love for me. I hope that its existence during the past quarter century has brought pride for HF residents.

- Mark Abrams

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